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Time to stop eating eggs?

My policy is to buy cage-free only, although “cage-free” is a loose term that apparently has been used to include hens that are let out of their cages for an hour a day.  Also, one could make the argument that a lifetime of egg-laying (or being milked) is worse than a quick death.  So… I guess ideally I would be vegan but I haven’t made the switch… yet.

I always hope that when Maine is in the national news it’s for positive reasons but that’s not the case today.  The animal welfare group Mercy for Animals had been investigating an egg farm in Turner, ME,  run by Maine Contract Farming LLC and distributed by Quality Egg, the largest egg supplier in the region.  Undercover workers shot footage  showing:

” workers killing hens by grabbing their necks and swinging them around in circles, workers throwing live hens into trash cans, and birds suffering from broken bones, open wounds and infections.

“The hens in the battery cages are oftentimes forced to produce eggs in cages with extremely rotting corpses of other birds who’ve died because they were unable to access food or water.”

The Press Herald states that “Quality Egg was known previously as DeCoster Egg Farm, which was accused of hiring undocumented workers and violating human rights.”  They’ve gone from violating human rights to animal rights, so I’d say it’s a small step up.

Here are the links:

Portland Press Herald (AP story; apparently PPH reporters can’t be bothered to drive an hour for a story )

the bostonchannel.com (much more thorough)

video (haven’t watched it, not going to)


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